SoundHound vs Shazam

Have you ever had that experience wherein you don’t necessarily know the title of a song but kind of know how to sing its tune? Or that instance wherein you know the title of the song but would like to get its complete lyrics? Well, if in the past you still had to wait for the DJ to play the song once again on the radio before you can get its lyrics or title, now you can simply download Sound Hound vs Shazam to do the job for you. But the question is, which between the two options that you have is better?

Get to Know Sound Hound

Sound Hound is an instant music search and discovery application that you can download to your Apple or Android device. It offers the world’s fastest music recognition feature that can identify the actual song that you are singing by simply humming it to your phone or tablet. You can also type in some of the words of the song or sing it to your phone and the application will automatically conduct its search for you. Don’t worry because the application does not require you to sing the song well that is how powerful it really is.

soundhound vs shazam

Also, after you’ve downloaded a song, you can also get its lyrics so you can sing the song together with the music as it rolls on your screen. This way, you wouldn’t have to go that extra mile just to download a song and or get the lyrics of your favorite tune that might just waste your time.

The Sound Hound player is also very competitive. It automatically syncs to your device so you can also play your other songs through this same player without losing any of your contents. Of course, you can also explore different music contents through this application and just like that you can share the song, bookmark it or even purchase it as you please.

Get to Know Shazam

Shazam is another great tool you can use for discovering, sharing, and exploring different types of music, TV content and even a number of different advertisements you love. This application is available for use among all types of computers, laptops and even mobile phones and tablets making it a truly accessible choice for everyone.

Shazam can be downloaded without any cost and what makes it great is the fact that it does not limit the contents you get from it on music alone. If there are any television shows you want to browse through as well as any commercial you’ve recently seen or in the past, you can access it at your fingertips just like that.

It’s actually quite difficult to decide which is one is better between Sound Hound and Shazam because both have their own set of uses and may provide you with different levels of entertainment and convenience. This is why at the end of the day, the one thing you need to do is to try both and stick to the one that actually satisfies all your need and requirements.