Soundhound Online

If you are familiar with Soundhound, then you know it is one of the most useful utility/entertainment apps that have ever been developed for the Android as well as the iOS. It is software which helps you identify music that is playing by recording it and processing the audio sample in which the app will match with its database. If you are a music lover, this is something that you should not miss out on. However, what if you do not have Soundhound or an Android/iOS device? Well, don’t fret as you can always use Soundhound online alternatives which happen to have the same type of service as the popular app.

There is an online version of Soundhound that you can use to be able to identify music, basically being able to do what the popular app does too. One of the alternatives to Soundhound online is AudioTag, which is a free online application which you can use for music identification. The way it works is that you will need to cut and upload a sample of the audio so that the program’s engine will be able to analyze and compare it with its database. To be able to do that, you will need to cut a piece of the song from your computer or record it via the microphone so you will have a file that you will be able to upload. Without it, the robot will not have anything to analyze.

Another Soundhound online alternative that is quite popular is called WatZatSong, which is a community of music lovers who will attempt to identify the song you have uploaded. Similar to Soundhound and other alternatives, you will be required to upload a clip of the song you want identified. This will then be heard by the members of the site and will be able to give you an answer. While the responses can be subject to error as humans actually give you an answer and not a sophisticated robot such as the popular app, it is still a great alternative to finding music information online.

Finally, one of the better alternatives for information about music on the Internet is by using the Midomi website. In it, you will be able to hum a tune or upload an audio sample of a song you have recorded. In turn, the site will match it with the database it has and give you a list of possible results. The service is for free when you use it for a limited number of times and pay a small sum if you are the type who constantly tries to discover new music. This is perhaps one of the best alternatives to Soundhound as the quality of service is quite similar.

If you do not own an Android, you don’t have to limit yourself to not knowing much about music. With the online alternatives mentioned above, you can now be a music guru and be able to identify music in an instant! Discover more songs that you’ve only heard of once and make them a part of your playlist